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Announcing Unovis 1.0

· One min read
Nikita Rokotyan
Rebecca Bol

We’re excited to announce Unovis 1.0 - a modular data visualization framework for React, Angular, Svelte, and vanilla TypeScript or JavaScript!

After more than 3 years in development, Unovis finally goes open source. Unovis can draw charts, maps and network graphs, no matter what UI framework you use. We’ve been using it extensively at F5 with Angular and React apps, and it now empowers user interfaces of F5 Distributed Cloud console and NGINX Controller.

Why Unovis?

  • 🏗 Integrates nicely with the UI framework of your choice, making it very easy to use;
  • 🗺 Supports various charts, simple and detailed maps, network graphs and diagrams;
  • 💇 Highly customizable, thanks to the extensive use of CSS variables;
  • 📖 Extensive documentation and growing gallery of examples.

Want to give it try?

Go to, check out the docs, explore the gallery, or jump right into development with our Quick Start guide.