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Release 1.4

ยท 2 min read
Rebecca Bol

Version 1.4.0 of Unovis is finally here! This update is packed full with enhancements including the new Annotations component, expanded Graph features, and a number of bug fixes to improve overall stability of the library.

Release Highlightsโ€‹

๐Ÿ“ New component: Annotationsโ€‹

Introducing Annotations, a versatile new component that enables you to overlay customized, stylized text on top of your visualizations. Whether you want to highlight points of interest, annotate trends, or simply add text labels to your charts or graphs, Annotations is designed to integrate smoothly with any Unovis component.

Check out Annotations's documentation and gallery example to learn how to use it.


A number of features were added to Graph in this PR, including link curvature configuration, the ability to use custom SVGs as node icons, and support for longer link labels. Check out the docs for a deep dive into the latest enhancements or to explore the breadth of features Graph has to offer.


๐Ÿงฉ Bullet Legend Shapesโ€‹

Bullet Legend now supports a variety of shapes on the component level and for individual legend items. Perfect for when you want to pair a legend with a combination chart or shaped scatter plot.

Other changesโ€‹


  • React: Exporting component selectors to allow for easier import #325
  • Component | Crosshair | Configurable stroke and strokeWidth #353
  • Vue | export selector, docs: update #358

Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Component | Donut | Fix: sortFunction type error #308
  • XYContainer | Fix: Crosshair accessors #309
  • Component | Timeline | Fix: Color rendering on enter #310
  • Component | Chord Diagram | Fixes, enhancements, and refactoring #318
  • Website | Releases: Fix url image preview #323
  • Core Component and Tooltip event handling tweaks #330
  • Svelte | Package: Add missing exports condition for Svelte #334
  • Angular | Build: Removing shared from peer dependencies #349
  • React | Fixing ref initialization #344
  • XY Container | Fix: scaleByDomain produces inconsistent behavior among XY charts #348
  • Component | XYLabels | Fix clustering config not taking effect #351
  • Component | Crosshair | Fix: crosshair with multiple area issue #356