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Release 1.2

ยท 2 min read
Nikita Rokotyan
Rebecca Bol

A new version of Unovis is waiting for you on NPM! This update introduces a new component: Nested Donut (aka Sunburst). It also adds better support for accessibility features, allows you to apply additional styles to axes, and much more.

Release Highlightsโ€‹

๐Ÿฉ New component: Nested Donutโ€‹

Nested Donut is a captivating graphical representation that displays hierarchical data in a circular format. Its nested design allows for multiple concentric rings, each representing a different level of data, enabling users to explore relationships and proportions effortlessly.

Check out Nested Donut's documentation and example to learn how to use it.


๐Ÿ‘“ Accessibility: Supporting ARIA tagsโ€‹

You can now set the aria-label attribute for your visualization by providing the ariaLabel config property to the container you use. Unovis will automatically apply role="figure" attribute to the container element, making it accessible to assistive technologies.

Image showing aria-label support in Unovis

๐Ÿ”  New CSS variables for styling Axisโ€‹

If you want to customize the width of your tick and grid lines, you can do so using the new --vis-axis-tick-line-width and --vis-axis-grid-line-width variables.

The color of the domain line by default equals the tick color (that can be specified with --vis-axis-tick-color), but Unovis 1.2 allows you to explicitly set it via --vis-axis-domain-color.

Additionally you can apply custom cursor and text-decoration to your tick labels with --vis-axis-tick-label-cursor and --vis-axis-tick-label-text-decoration variables.


Other changesโ€‹


  • Component | LeafletMap: Adding getExpandedCluster public method #205
  • Component | Line: Better enter transition for broken lines #227
  • Component | Scatter: Fixing the missing points issue #227
  • Component | Scatter: Stroke color and width support #232

Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Container | XY: Calling render right after initialization if there are axes or components with data #212
  • @unovis/svelte: Updating component lifecycles to prevent DOM related errors with SvelteKt (SSR) #216


  • Core: Using native ResizeObserver when available #209
  • Dependencies: Updating Dagre packages to work with Angular 16 #210