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Pull Requests


Before creating a pull request, make sure your branch is up-to-date with the main branch. We recommend rebasing your branch on the main branch to avoid merge conflicts and keep the commit history clean.

git checkout main && git pull
git checkout <your-branch> && git rebase main
git push --force

Commit Messages

Commits should have the following format:

git commit -m "<type> | <scope>: <subject>"


  • type can be any of the following:
    Core, Component, Container, Utils, Styles - for core library changes
    Angular, React, Svelte, Vue - for wrapper related changes
    Website - for changes related to website content
    Dev, Shared - for changes to the demo app, dev tools or integrations
    CI - for CI/CD pipeline related changes
    Release - for release commits
    Misc - anything else
  • scope should be the name of the component or feature being worked on in PascalCase
  • Additional scope values can be added with | delimiter
  • subject is a short description of the change in Sentence case
  • A reference <#issue> may also be provided on the next line
  • No leading or trailing whitespace in the header
  • Scope is optional but encouraged for all types except CI or Release
  • For Component type, scope should be one of the component names

Some examples:

"Core | Utils: Refactoring shape rendering helpers"
"Component | Timeline: Fixing enter transition bug"
"Dev | Build: Upgrading rollup dependency"
"React | Autogen: Tweaking component lifecycle logic"
"Release: 1.4.0"
"Website | Gallery: Adding a new example"
"Website | Docs | Axis: Updating some property description"